Chapter Calendar

 Date  Location  Speaker  Company  Topic / Event Type
 01/18/2018 Plaza Club Sue Savio Insurance Associates Lessons learned from Marco Polo
02/15/2018 Plaza Club Dennis Nolan Anderson Kill Swipe Right on Insurance: Risks and Coverage Implications for Mobile Apps and Social Media Platforms
03/15/2018 Plaza Club Sarah O. Wang Esq.  Marr Jones & Wang LLP #MeToo: Lessons for Employers
05/24/2018 Amuse Wine Bar   Networking
06/21/2018 Plaza Club Mitchell Klein Ncontracts "Blindsided: How to Respond When a Vendor Gets Hacked"
07/19/2018 Plaza Club JoAnn A. Vidinhar Disability Compensation Division 
9/20/2018 Plaza Club Fidiam Guerrero FRASCO® Investigative Services "The use of Social Media Investigation Technology"
10/18/2018 Plaza Club
December Installation Dinner